The 13-book course starts with stories using stand-alone wordsigns, and progresses to words containing 2 cells. Each story can be customised to include your student's name, as well as the name of a story companion (such as a friend or family member).

Education level

This Program is written for students who are learning Braille after acquiring print literacy. However, it can be used for young students, suggested after about the first 6 months of formal literacy instruction.

System specifications

The braille books are in Duxbury Braille Translator format (with both UEB and BANA versions); the download also comes with a print version in Microsoft Word.

The books can be embossed directly from Duxbury files, or created manually from the print copies.

Download Free sample: Book 1

The first book to free to download:

Purchase 12 more books. Only $20.

I do like it is $20; one of the cheapest Braille Reading Programs available. The books are available for immediate download after purchase.

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